Name: Will  

Born: August 22, 1978

Appearance:  About 6’4.  Flowing auburn hair.  Slate blue eyes.  The face of an angel, the body of a God.

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree, Auburn University, 2001.  J.D., University of Alabama, 2005. 

Employment:  Ah. No.  The market for unlicensed alcoholic attorneys took an unexpected downturn in ’04.  Should rebound any month, though. 

Marital Status:  Single, in a not desperate at all kind of way.  Why? Do you know someone? Do you think she’d like me?  Where are you going?

Location: The South.  Love it or leave it. 

Favorite Book:  Slaughterhouse 5, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Favorite Movies:  The Karate Kid, Braveheart, Gladiator, Major League, The Goonies

Team(s):  Auburn Tigers

Favorite Artist/Band:  Older Dave Matthews stuff,  2Pac’s albums released during his lifetime, George Strait, Metallica, and old school style singers like Sinatra, Martin, and Connick. 



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